Seasonal Menu

Lenten Menu at Red & White restaurant

Come to Red & White restaurant from March, 2 till April 18 and enjoy our new Lenten menu from the Chef Sergey Makarov. Try our vegetable spring-rolls, mushroom noodles with barley, chocolate cake with coconut cream and other seasonal delicious dishes from Lenten menu. Book a table at +7 (495) 783 65 00 ext. 1241.


Seasonal beverages at Red & White restaurant

This year Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya presents new seasonal drinks to our guests! Come and try toddy, cointreau snap, gulf sour and ginger tea in a cozy atmosphere at Red&White restaurant.

New main menu

Enjoy our new main menu! The Chef of the Red & White restaurant Sergey Makarov decided to cheer our guests up with new dishes. Come to the Red and White restaurant and try our new main menu: warm salad with mushrooms, pasta with seafood and mushroom casserole.

Tempting freshly baked pizza

Pizza is always one of the most popular dishes in Moscow. We invite you to visit our Red & White restaurant, located in the heart of the top-notch White Square district practically in the very center of Moscow, and enjoy authentic taste of Italy. Feast on refinement and simplicity of our pizza and relax in the cozy atmosphere of our restaurant. Try palatable specialties from Sergey Makarov, the Chef, and enjoy their delicacy and simplicity.

Pizza menu

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