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Exhibition project Attack of Don Quichottes. Dali. Zverev

Data: 10.11.2017

Our partners The AZ Museum are opening a new exhibition project Attack of Don Quichottes. Dali. Zverev. It will last from November 23, 2017 to March 25, 2018. The museum is located on the 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, close to the Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya.

The new project of the AZ Museum presents the works of Anatoly Zverev about Don Quixote, as well as colored subscription lithographs of Salvador Dali. The exhibition project is accompanied by films, lectures, musical evenings and programs for children with master classes.

The project also includes the works of such famous artists as Plato Infante, Nikolai Silisi and Daria Konovalova-Infante.

For more information about the museum and its exhibitions please visit the museum official site.

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