Benefits Entitled Citizens

Benefits provided atHoliday Inn Moscow Lesnaya Hotel

The Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya hotel prevents the following benefits entitled citizens from waiting inaqueue check inenvironment and provide them with a discount upon availibility:

  • Heroes ofthe Soviet Union, the Russian Federation;
  • Heroes ofSocialist Labor;
  • Cavaliers ofthe Order ofGlory, 1st, 2nd and 3rd category;
  • Disabled veterans ofthe groups 1, 2and 3that have taken part inthe Great Patriotic War, militaries activities inAfghanistan, and other groups ofcitizens with the similar rights;
  • Disabled persons ofgroups 1and 2;
  • Participants ofthe Great Patriotic War, Civil Wars, military activities inAfghanistan and other regions and participants ofaccident management in1986-1987at the Chernobyl AEPS.

Social Guarantees toDisabled Persons

Compliance with the requirements for social guarantees todisabled persons

Inaccordance with the Rules onRendering Hotel Services inthe Russian Federation of9October 2015, No.1085, the Federal Law onsocial protection for persons with disabilities inthe Russian Federation of24November 1995, No.181, the law ofthe Russian Federation of7February 1992, No. 2300-1 Onthe protection ofconsumer rights (asamended inthe revised edition of18July 2011No. 242-FZ.) and the Holiday Inn brand standards, the Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya hotel provides accessibility rooms equipped toaccommodate disabled guests:

Rooms equipped for the disabled:

  • Accessible guest rooms are equipped inaccordance with the above mentioned laws and standards;
  • Accessible have pull cord alarms fitted inbathrooms and atthe bed head and anemergency call device atthe door, linked tothe Guest Service Centre and monitored 24hours aday;
  • Emergency call indicators located inthe corridors above the accessibility guest rooms;
  • Emergency escape lighting inaccessible rooms etc;

Additional information about the public areas:

  • Building Accessibility for disabled people inwheelchairs;
  • 10% ofthe parking spaces for disabled guests inthe underground parking;
  • Awheelchair for the emergency needs ofguests with disabilities (including evacuation);
  • Public bathrooms are equipped tomeet the requirements for equipment for people with disabilities;
  • Emergency escape lighting inall public areas and stroboscopes indicating the direction ofevacuation.
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