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Mini gym membership

The Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky hotel, located near Prospect Mira at Rizhskaya invites you to buy the mini gym membership at a special price and get compliments from our downtown hotel.

Our 24-hour mini gym in Prospect Mira features an individual air-conditioning, clean changing rooms, a water station and towels. Here you can exercise maintaining your fitness with comfort of a 4 star downtown hotel. In the mini gym you will find upright and recumbent bikes, dumbbells, and treadmills, cross trainers, stairclimer, and other equipment so you can enjoy a complete body workout.

Buying a 6 month membership for only 11 000 rubles you get one month as a gift from the hotel.

Your 12 month membership entitles you to a discount and 4 months as a gift from the hotel.

The annual subscription will cost you only 18 000 rubles.

The offer is valid till March 1, 2017.

For more information please call at+7 495 783 65 00.

Dry-cleaning and laundry services

At Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky hotel we offer a wide range of laundry and dry cleaning services. We take immense care when dry-cleaning clothes and use the very latest dry-cleaning equipment, laundry detergents and dry-cleaning products from Europe to ensure that they return to you in pristine condition. We carefully check each item before taking care of it. You also have the opportunity to order same day express ironing or express dry-cleaning. If you live or work in Prospect Mira neighborhood you will appreciate our convenient location close to Rizhskaya metro station and high quality of our dry-cleaning and laundry services. Complete information on availability of your order terms please read in the dry-cleaning and laundry form.

For more information please call at +7 495 225 82 82.

Cakes to order

We know that adults love desserts as much as kids, and every day we provide a wide selection of freshly made on site delicious desserts. Can you resist it? 

In the Fleur Café bar and restaurant located in the Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky hotel you can sample cupcakes, layer cakes, brownies, pies, cheesecakes and more. Besides this wide range we also offer cakes for collection. 

If you are looking for something unique and special for your occasion order a bespoke cake with us. Our exceptionally skilled bakers will create exquisite handmade cakes for your wedding, special celebrations and anniversaries, and other special events. Our bakery in Moscow makes every type of cake you could possibly imagine and even some that you couldnt. 

Our cakes will also make a delicious gift to your relatives, friends or colleagues. Turn your ideas and concepts into reality ordering with us a unique cake in Moscow. Choose from more than 20 flavors with quality ingredients, combine them and order a personalized wording or décor.  

For more information please call at +7 495 225 82 82 ext. 2241.

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