Seasonal Menu

Mushroom Menu at Fleur Cafe restaurant 

Every year the Fleur Cafe restaurant located at Prospect Mira next to Rizhskaya metro station issues a series of new seasonal menus. Developing a new seasonal menu our Chef manages to satisfy the most demanding restaurant guests putting a modern twist on classical dishes and presenting new masterpieces of the culinary art.

For most our guests from around the world mushrooms are food that can be easily bought in a grocery store. But for Russians mushrooms are creatures that hide in the forest and you have to hunt for them. That’s why we are so happy to announce that mushroom hunting season has begun! And Fleur Café keeps up with nature by introducing an incredibly rich Mushroom Menu.

From September the restaurant of Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky comes up with a new seasonal menu for mushroom connoisseurs. The new Mushroom Menu perfectly combines unique dishes from various cuisines of the world. Every guest of the Fleur Café will find something to their liking. This autumn we will offer you soup with porcini mushrooms, mushroom salad with spicy citrus dressing, hake with asparagus and chanterelles garnish, strudel stuffed with mushrooms and other mouthwatering dishes.

Do not hesitate to come and hunt the mushrooms at the Fleur Café restaurant!

Mushroom Menu at Fleur Cafe

Seasonal Beverage Card – Smoothies at Fleur Cafe

Welcome the new homemade smoothies! Refreshing and light, these drinks will pep you up and put you in a cheerful frame of mind. Our fruit and vegetable smoothies are full of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients which makes them not just delicious, but also very nourishing snacks. Drop in the Fleur Café restaurant and try each of the new 5 wonderful drinks we’ve created!

Smoothies at Fleur Cafe

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