Seasonal Menu

Lenten Menu at the Fleur Cafe restaurant

The season of Lent covers a period of seven weeks before Easter Sunday. During these seven weeks the Fleur Cafe restaurant will serve a special menu fixed according to Lenten restrictions.

Lenten Menu at Fleur Cafe

New Seasonal Menu at the Fleur Cafe restaurant 

Every year the Fleur Cafe restaurant located at Prospect Mira next to Rizhskaya metro station issues a series of new seasonal menus. Developing a new seasonal menu our Chef manages to satisfy the most demanding restaurant guests putting a modern twist on classical dishes and presenting new masterpieces of the culinary art.

Winter is coming with its shorter days and colder evenings - the change of seasons has again inspired us for creativity. In these cold days many of us want more colorful moments, so come to Fleur Café and try warm and hearty Tom Yum soup with chicken and shrimps, grilled trout with vegetables and baked potatoes, and many other masterpieces from the new seasonal menu.

Seasonal Menu at Fleur Cafe

Fragrant tea to warm yourself up at the Fleur Cafe restaurant

Bad weather is not a problem! Less hospitable conditions still offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of lifes simple pleasures. Thats why the Fleur Café restaurant comes up with new seasonal drinks to please our guests. Get in the upcoming winter spirits with new fragrant, warm and so cozy teas that will become your favorites this season.

Warm tea at Fleur Cafe

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