Seasonal Menu

Mushroom menu at the Red & White restaurant

Every year the Red & White restaurant issues a series of new seasonal menus. Developing a new seasonal menu our Chef manages to satisfy the most demanding restaurant guests putting a modern twist on classical dishes and presenting new masterpieces of the culinary art.

We know that there are many mushroom lovers among the guests of our restaurant. To their delight, the mushroom season has come, and we have come up with a new Mushroom Menu, where everyone will find dishes to their taste. Do not miss the opportunity to indulge in mushrooms' rich and unique flavor!

Mushroom menu at the Red & White

New seasonal drinks at the Red & White restaurant

Theres nothing like a hot sbiten' to warm you up and make you forget about the cold and grey skies of fall. If sipping this spicy dring tickles your imagination then look no further than the Red & White restaurant and its brand new cocktail menu.

Autumn drinks at Red & White

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Sea menu at the Red & White restaurant

Warm rays of bright sun, light salty breeze and quiet noise of coastal waves - probably everyone dreams of finding himself on the beach. Try our new Sea Menu and transfer yourself from a noisy city to the serene atmosphere of a seaside town. Shrimp and Mascarpone cheese mousse with avocado and mango, famous Marseille Bouillabaisse soup, fried cod with stewed Savoy cabbage and sweet pepper these and other works of culinary art are waiting for you at the Red & White restaurant.

Sea menu at the Red & White

New appetizers at the Red & White restaurant

Several times a year, the Red & White restaurant at the White Square pleases its guests with new seasonal menus. Acquainting the guests with a variety of gastronomic traditions of different corners of the globe, our chef continues to please everyone with masterpieces of culinary art. This time its a new menu of appetizers and sandwiches that already awaits you at the Red & White restaurant on the ground floor of Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya.

Appetizers and sandwiches menu

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